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    Fête des Fidèles Centennial Gala

    St. Francis Hall 5414 Brittany Drive, Baton Rouge, LA

    Fête des Fidèles is FranU's signature annual fundraising event. The 2023 Fête des Fidèles will be a celebration of our 100th Anniversary and an opportunity to showcase our newest campus addition, St. Francis Hall. This semi-formal event will bring together alumni, faculty, staff, board members, donors, and friends of the University for a night of […]

    Campus Birthday Party

    The FranU Campus Birthday Party will be held on Friday, November 10 on FranU's campus to mark the official 100th Anniversary of the University. This will be an opportunity for our students and campus community to celebrate this remarkable milestone together. Students will be treated to activities, games, treats and entertainment and of course, we can't […]

    FranU Day of Service

    FranU Day of Service, in the spirit of St. Francis, will be an opportunity for the campus community to come together and give back to the community that has supported our growth and success over the last 100 years. Participants will have their choice of projects to work on that day, such as animal shelters, parks […]

    Hall of Distinction Banquet

    The FranU Hall of Distinction event will serve as a time to honor the alumni and leaders who have significantly impacted our university and the future of healthcare and/or healthcare education. In keeping with the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady tradition and demonstrating the vision to make a significant difference in our communities, these honorees will […]

    FranU Picnic

    The FranU Family Picnic, planned for March 23, 2024, will be a day of fun and celebration for our campus community, alumni and their families. There will be family activities and games, entertainment and a great time while catching up with old friends, meeting families and sharing in fellowship and fun.